Types of events

TrAnnings include lectures, seminars, master-classes and all other educational activities. We provide a holistic approach where the focus is on the whole of you; your body and your soul, your emotions, your mind, your spirituality and your psyche. Learn how to craft various art pieces, learn all about strange and wonderful activities, reconnect with yourself, find a new hobby or simply share your knowledge with others! Many of the creations of our lecturers are available for purchase in the MUŠ shop.

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Bookmingle is based on our partners and friends – a Slovenian publishing house named Zala. Zala is a family company with a handful of carefully chosen books published every year – these are available in the MUŠ shop together with book accessories. Zala also organizes book presentations, meetings with authors, debates, storytelling hours for children and all things book related!

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Multy-Culty is all about international connections. Meet people from different cultures, practice exotic languages, listen to amazing travel stories and find inspiration for your next adventure!

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MUŠ Fit is all about health, healthy food and also physical exercise done in our style. That means special training for opening and improving connection between your body and mind. It’s a blend of actor’s training, coordination, stretching, balance, sensitivity, expression through movement and so forth. There will be pair based exercised available later which are especially suited for pairs to strengthen their inter connection and take part in a healthy activity together.

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“I’ve got much more than I expected. It was great!” (Energy painting)

Mirjam L.

Energijske delavnice so mešanica sproščanja in kreativnosti. So popestritev med napornimi delavniki. So spoznavanje sebe, novih idej, tehnik ustvarjanja in nenazadnje, novih ljudi.


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