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What is MUŠ?

MUŠ project is a small art start-up made by an international team.

We are based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where we organize most of our workshops and lectures. We are also opened for different types of cooperation.

Our guidelines:

  • We believe every person is naturally talented but some have not been able to develop their particular talents. Our project aims to allow everyone to experience something new and find inspiration to develop their full potential.
  • MUŠ is all about self-development, sharing, connecting, inventing and inspiring.
  • We provide a holistic approach – combining our passion and inspiration in one harmonic project – art, handcraft, bodywork, psychology, acting, inventing, studying, travelling, communicating, developing. In short we are interested in truly being alive.
  • “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” is an important part of our mindset.
  • We are inviting all open-minded, open-hearted people to join us. If you love art, meeting new people, sharing your skills and discovering novel ways of being and living you will belong here!


“I’ve got much more than I expected. It was great!” (Energy painting)

Mirjam L.

Energijske delavnice so mešanica sproščanja in kreativnosti. So popestritev med napornimi delavniki. So spoznavanje sebe, novih idej, tehnik ustvarjanja in nenazadnje, novih ljudi.


A special place full of great energy! Come around!

Phone: 030 327 497
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija